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Specializing in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services


MEDIX Transportation specializes in Providing Professional Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services. We provide safe, comfortable, and reliable wheelchair transport, stretcher transport, and ambulatory transport in the Los Angeles Metro Area.

Wheelchair Transport Stretcher Transport


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We have 6 modes of services: Wheelchair, Ambulatory, Stretcher

Wheelchair Transport Stretcher Transport- MEDIX

Our Team

The MEDIX team is a highly dedicated, compassionate, experienced and highly trained team of professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality of service to your loved ones.

Our Fleet

We want to ensure that our clients experience a safe and
comfortable trip to their destination, Which is why we have

  • A fleet of new vehicles with enhanced safety features and well maintained for optimal performance.
  • ┬áSuperior cleaning protocol to ensure our vehicles are properly sanitized.
  • Advance technology for dispatching, driver safety monitoring, and fleet management
  • Well equipped vehicles stocked with proper PPE, wheelchair, stair chair, oxygen, and gurney.
  • Daily fleet inspection
  • Equipment maintenance program: scheduled inspection for wheelchair, stretchers, stair chair, and wheelchair ramps.

Superior Equipment

Enhanced Safety Features

Superior Cleaning Protocol

Advance Technology

Equipment Maintenance Program

Wheelchair Transport Stretcher Transport- MEDIX Transportation

Scheduling Information

To schedule a trip, call us at (661) 502-6852 or schedule online . We prefer to have a minimum 24 hours advance notice, but we will do our best to accommodate last-minute trip requests.

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Wheelchair Transport Stretcher Transport


Jane Helfman
Jane Helfman
I used Medix three times because I live on second floor and could not walk post surgery They are very responsible kind and caring I recommend them highly
Christina Sisson
Christina Sisson
Well worth the cost of this transport. They were professional, compassionate and got me all situated once I was home. Absolutely recommend and will use again if needed. Thank you!
Henrietta Okpagu
Henrietta Okpagu
Excellent transportation service, courteous and very professional.
Very prompt and professional
Azona Isagba
Azona Isagba
They were on time, so I was on time to my appointment, the driver was polite, their van is clean and the ride was smooth and comfortable and I felt safe. What else could I ask for. Thank you guys for your outstanding service. Highly recommended.

What is NEMT?

NEMT is non-emergency medical transportation. NEMT providers like MEDIX Transportation provide transportation services to individuals who have physical mobility limitations in a non-emergent capacity.

Wheelchair Transport Stretcher Transport

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